Hand Finishing and Rubbing Out - DVD
Private Woodworking Instruction in a Box
with Hendrik Varju

Produced by Passion for Wood, Ontario, Canada


ISBN 978-0-9781432-6-8

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 159

In Hand Finishing and Rubbing Out, Hendrik Varju continues on from Surface Preparation and Staining, covering the selection and application of a finish. This video is even longer than the previous one - almost 10 hours over five DVDs.

He starts with accessories such as brush cleaners and respirators and moves on to a variety of finish applicators, such as rags, hair and synthetic brushes, rollers and foam pads.

Selection of a finish depends in part on its characteristics. Hendrik categorises products according to their film thickness, type of solvent and curing method.

He then discusses and demonstrates the use of shellac, water-based clear finishes, oils, oil-varnish blends, polyurethane and wiping varnish. The final chapter is on the rubbing out of the finish, ie. refining the surface and removing any dust, etc.

The fifth DVD contains bonus footage demonstrating Hendrik's version of the Perfect Polyurethane Finish.

There are a number of informative publications on finishes, so apart from his many tips, this DVD set does not cover new ground. However, many woodworkers will appreciate seeing the material, particularly the demonstration of techniques, in video form.

Duration: 9hrs, 52mins, 5 discs

DVD - English - NTSC