Woodworking Techniques
Ingenious Solutions & Time-Saving Secrets
Best of Woodworkers Journal

215 x 280mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc., East Petersburg PA USA


ISBN 978-1-56523-362-1

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Extract from back cover of book:

Ingenious Solutions and Time-Saving Secrets

Talk to a woodworker and he or she will tell you that you're bound to run into some problems in the shop. How do I repair a damaged veneer? What's the secret to applying lacquer? Why won't my joints fit'? It's these mysteries that can make or break your next project. But, with some clever solutions and time-saving techniques, even the newest woodworker can close up shop at the end of the day incident-free and satisfied.

Now, with Woodworking Techniques and the help of Woodworker's Joumal, America's leading woodworking authority, you too can enjoy the satisfaction of solving any woodworking woe. From hand-cutting the perfect dovetail and centering a mortise, to the secrets of resawing and surfacing stock, these invaluable tips and techniques will improve any woodworker's productivity and provide useful new methods for tackling tricky situations. Plus, each project includes detailed plans, expert instructions, and helpful sidebars to ensure that your next project is hassle-free.

What's Inside:
- 40 tips, skills and woodworking methods
- Comprehensive material lists
- Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions
- Detailed technical and exploded drawings
- Helpful quick tips from the experts

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial


Essential Shop Maintenance Guide
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Here's a helpful maintenance guide that would make even your high school shop teacher happy.

Thin, Smooth, and Strong
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Twist Drill Bitsby
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If you're a little murky on how to square up stock, here's an excellent crash course.

An Instant Workbench
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Guidelines to creating a workbench.

Jointer Basics
by Bruce Kieffer
Maintaining a jointer isn't difficult, and operating it properly is easy once you know how; here's a short primer on how to use your jointer and keep it in tip-top shape.

Secrets of Surfacing Stock
by Jeff Jacobson
Whether you are cleaning up rough-sawn lumber or correcting cupping, warping, or twisting you will need a jointer, planer, and table saw to succeed.

Resawing: Basic Hows and Whys
by Linda Haus
Resawing creates thin slices and mirror-image panels; if you've never resawn before, here's how.

The Secret to Resawing Success
by Bruce Kieffer
If you have either a band saw or both a band saw and table saw, resawing is a cinch - these tips will guide your resawing endeavors.

Four Methods of Casework Joinery
by Lonnie Bird
Expert woodworker and instructor Lonnie Bird walks you through the usual options and theories behind casework construction.

The Versatile Dowel Joint
by Jeff Greef
Here are some tried-and-true tips to ensure your success with the humble dowel joint.

Biscuit Joiners
by Rob Johnstone
Learn how to use your biscuit joiner for more than the bread-and-butter tasks.

Two Fast and Easy Biscuit Joints
by Bruce Kieffer
Get more mileage out of your biscuit joiner by adding offset and T-joint options to your joinery repertoire.

Moving Beyond Dowels and Biscuits
by Hugh Foster
Add the end lap joint, dovetail lap joint, bridle joint, and more to your advanced joinery repertoire.

The Easiest Centered Mortises
by Rick White
Here is a pair of fail-proof jigs to help you center a mortise on any sized workpiece easily and accurately.

How to Cut Dovetails
by Chris Inman
Next time you need to cut some dovetails, keep your router jig on the shelf and try cutting them by hand, using this handy guide.

Gluing Secrets Revealed
by Rob Johnstone
To help the process of gluing up stock, check out these favorite gluing tips.

Getting a Grip on Clamping
by Rob Johnstone
Gluing up is time-sensitive and irreversible - try these tips for gluing up.

Alternative Clamping Methods
by Stephen Shepherd
Alternative clamps are often the best or quickest ways to handle awkward or unusual clamping situations.

Flattening a Glued-Up Panel
by Peter Korn
Here's what to do to get tabletops and panels perfectly flat.

Butt Joints and Breadboard Ends
by lan Kirby
Breadboard ends are a flawed technique, but woodworkers like how they look; butt joints are basic in appearance, but they're actually sophisticated in execution.

Frame-and-Panel Doors
by lan Kirby
Here's what to do to get tabletops and panels perfectly flat.

How to Make Tambour Doors
by Chris Inman
Here's what to do to get tabletops and panels perfectly flat.

Veneering a Drawer Face
by Bruce Kieffer
eering is not as hard as you might think read this chapter to rn how to apply a veneer to a drawer face.

Veneering Wide Panels
by Bruce Kieffer
Learn how to create a simple and effective veneer press.

Making Tapered Legs on a Jointer
by Linda Haus
If you think jointers only flatten wood, this simple technique for tapering stock on a jointer will surprise and amaze you.

Two Easy Ways to Calculate Cove Cuts
by Len Urban
Try one of these mathematically sound techniques to calculate the settings for cutting accurate coves on your table saw roll

Scroll Saw Secrets
by Tom Durden
Learn how to create a custom-made desk nameplate using your scroll saw.

Getting Started with Letter Carving
by Simon Watts
The basics of letter carving, including tool tips, sharpening, and letter spacing.

Shell Carving Shortcut
by J. Petrovich
Here's a technique that uses the lathe to do the initial shaping of the shell one of the most enduring motifs in woodworking.

Welcome to Curves: Dry Bending Made Easy
by Mike McGlynn
Curved, flowing shapes add visual interest and excitement, and they're easy to make with this simple form-bending technique.

Steam Bending Basics
by Peter Korn
Steam bending is easier than you think, and this plywood steam box and bending form will help you along.

Arts and Crafts Finishing
by Michael Dresdner
Achieving a class Arts and Crafts finish isn't difficult if you know what to use and how to apply it these two options will yield beautiful results without too much fuss.

Polyurethane: Oil-Based or Waterborne
by Michael Dresdner
The qualities of both water-based and oil-based polyurethanes are laid out here.

How to Apply Brush-On Lacquer
by Bob Flexner
Brush-on lacquer doesn't apply the same as ordinary varnish, but the technique is easy to master and no finish dries faster.

Bleaching Wood: Staining in Reverse
by Michael Dresdner
Bleaching gives you the ability to lighten or restore wood's natural color, removed black iron stains, or undo an ugly dye stain choice call it woodworking's eraser.

Repairing Damaged Veneer
by Tom Caspar
Even though an old piece of furniture may seem beyond hope, veneer blisters, chipping, and peeling are surprisingly easy to repair if you know a few important tips.

Repairing a Damaged Finish with Burn-In Sticks
by Jerry TerHark
Learn how to use burn-in sticks to cover up scratched finishes.