Great Book of Floral Patterns
The Ultimate Design Sourcebook for Artists and Crafters
Second Edition -
Revised & Expanded

by Lora S. Irish

215 x 280mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing, PA, USA


ISBN 978-1-56523-447-5

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Extract from back cover of book:

In this revised and expanded second edition of Great Book of Floral Patterns, nationally known artist and best-selling author Lora S. Irish guides you on a tour through her garden of more than 100 expertly drawn flowers that can be applied to numerous arts and crafts projects.

From realistic flowers to stylized floral designs, each pattern is presented with great detail, including suggestions on how best to identify floral shapes and colors, how to center your design, and how to create bouquets. For whatever media you prefer - from painting to pyrography and scrap booking to woodcarving - there is a floral pattern to fit your needs.

Inside this revised and expanded second edition, you'll find:
- 16 new and original patterns
- A series of patterns designed for quilt-square-sized projects
- Full-color photos of the actual blooms for reference
- A gallery of Lora's stunning work

Great Book of Floral Patterns is a bookshelf must for any artist or crafter who enjoys the beauty and symbolism of flowers.

Photos: Colour photos and black and white line patterns


What You Can Learn From This Book

Chapter One - Floral Art

Chapter Two - Flower Shapes

Chapter Three - Basic Flower Shapes in Design Work

Chapter Four - Basic Design Shapes

Chapter Five - Shapes and Shadows

Chapter Six - Patterns

Quilt Squares
Clematis and Asters
Morning Glories, Marigolds
and Shasta Daisies
Morning Glories
Mums and Blanket Flowers
Pansies and Sweet Williams
Roses and Black-eyed Susans
Sorbet Peonies

Arrangements & Close Ups
Begonias and Sweet Williams
Large Marigolds
Large Sunflower and Butterfly
Mums and Daisies
Peonies and Morning Glories
Roses and Yellow Chamomile
Carnation Heart
Chrysanthemum Bouquet
Daisy Bouquet
Half-circle Pattern
Daisies and Forget-me-nots
Lilies and Poppies
Hardy Geranium Circle
Lilac Cup
Lily Bouquet
Orchid Corsage
Pansy Line
Pansy Pot
Peony Basket
Poppy Basket
Rose Bouquet
Rose Heart
Sunflower Basket
Sunflower Jars
Tulip Teapot
Viola Heart
Violet Nosegay.

Pansy Corner
Apple Blossoms
Single Asiatic Lily
Asiatic Lily Card
Asiatic Lily
Asiatic Lily Square
Sayberry Accents
Blue Bells
Berry Branch
Berry Accent
Berry Clusters
Black-eyed Susan Corner
Black-eyed Susan
Black-eyed Susan Line
Briar Berry
California Poppies
Carnation Buds
Carnation Duet
Single Carnation
Chrysanthemum Corner
Chrysanthemum Curve
Single Chrysanthemum
Red Clover
King Alfred Daffodil
Large Daffodil
Daffodils and Tulips
Daisy Curve
Daisy Corner
Dianthus Bouquet
Forget-me-nots Curve
Hardy Geranium Cameo
Hardy Geranium Circle
Hardy Geranium Corner
Geranium Cluster
Stylized C-curve
Rose of Sharon Square
Holly Accents
Single Bearded Iris
Dutch Iris
Single Iris Curve
Iris Curve
Iris Flags
Japanese Iris
Louisiana Iris
Lily Block Print
Lily Curve
Lovely Gladiolas
Morning Glory
Morning Glory Curve
Single Morning Glory
Pansy Curve
Large Ruffled Pansy
Pansy Cameo
Ruffled Pansy
Japanese Peony
Peony Cups
Open Peony
Single Peony
Stylized Peony
Dancing Peony
Peony with Bud
Poppy Corner
Poppy Curve
Rose Buds
Rose Cameo
Rose Curve
Rose Boutonniere
Single Rose
Open Rose
Large Rose
Rose Star
Roses Curve
Peach Rose
Stylized Left Poppy Corner
Stylized Right Poppy Corner
Rose of Sharon Star
Single Rose of Sharon
Rose ofSharon Buds
Rose of Sharon Duet
Single Sunflower
Sunflower Pod
Tulip Corner
Tulip Bit
Darwin Tulip
Open Tulip
Parrot Tulips
Water Lily
Violet Cluster
Violet Bit
Single Violet
Violet Cameo
Water Lily
Wild Rose Curve
Single Wild Rose
Wild Rose Corner
Wild Rose with Bud
Zinnia and Accents

Leaf Variations
Rose Leaf
English Ivy
Heart-shaped Leaves

Appendix A - A Sample Color Chart
Appendix B - Anatomy of a Flower
Appendix C - Reference Photographs