Adhesives and Sealants
by David Lammas

150 x 210mm

Published by Special Interest Model Books Ltd, Dorset England


ISBN 1-85486-048-8

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Extract from back cover of book:

In recent years there has been a great increase in the variety, sophistication and effectiveness of adhesives, sealants and threadlocking types. This book is intended to provide practical help and guidance in deciding what adhesive out of the ever expanding range should be used for particular tasks.

The book explains, in simple terms, the features of adhesive classification together with joint design data and assembly techniques for a wide variety of materials. Aimed mainly at the model engineer, but also at the home mechanic and woodworker, it covers pattern, base and case making from wood, applications in tool and equipment making, as well as individual requirements including structural joints and sealing against water, steam or oil.

Illustrated throughout and totally up-to-date, Adhesives and Sealants will be of interest and of value to all model engineers.

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Chapter 1 - Traditional Glues
Chapter 2 - The Nature of the Adhesive Joint
Chapter 3 - Joint Design
Chapter 4 - Types of Adhesive
Chapter 5 - The Materials to be Bonded
Chapter 6 - Joint Preparation
Chapter 7 - Identification of Materials

Chapter 8 - Environmental Factors
Chapter 9 - Engineering Adhesives
Chapter 10 - Matching Adhesive to Material and Conditions
Chapter 11 - Sealants

Hints and Tips
Useful Addresses