Pyrography Patterns
Basic Techniques and 30 Wildlife Designs for Woodburning

by Sue Walters
(This book originally published under title of Wildlife Designs)

215 x 280mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc., East Petersburg PA USA


ISBN 978-1-56523-819-0

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Extract from back cover of book:

Capture the Beauty of Nature with Fire

Whether it's the majesty of a buck, the cheekiness of a raccoon, or the peaceful stillness of a loon, the appeal of wildlife is universal. If you're a woodburning artist with a love of nature and animals, Pyrography Patterns will make it easy for you to create vibrant and attractive wildlife images.

Award-winning pyrography artist Sue Walters offers 30 dynamic North American wildlife patterns to use in woodburning projects. These engaging animal subjects - including geese, eagles, bear, deer, wolves, foxes, owls, chipmunks, cougars, and more - are presented in harmonious natural settings.

Large ready-to-use designs are provided in both line and tonal patterns. Amazingly detailed tones are shown directly over each line drawing, to guide you in darkening your picture with ultra-realistic, lifelike effects. The author includes tips on transferring patterns, plus advice on segmenting and manipulating the images to create your own custom designs.

Photos: Colour Photos. Line illustrations of patterns.



About the Author
Setup and Safety
Texturing Tips

- Lakeside View (Canada Geese)
- Call of the Golden Eagle (Golden Eagle)
- Framed (Barn Swallows)
- Home on the Range (Pronghorn Buck)
- Under the Wire (Sparrows)
- Big Red and Mate (Red Squirrels)
- Jane Doe (Deer)
- Lookout Post (Peregrine Falcon)
- Waterloo County Sentinel (Horned Owl)
- John Deer (Mule Deer)
- Duo (Wolves)
- Flutter By (Butterfly)
- Happy Wanderer (Wanderer Butterfly)
- On the Rocks (Polar Bear)
- Majesty (Bald Eagle)
- Dinner for Two (Chickadees)
- The Long Walk Home (Red Fox)
- Left Behind (Cougar)
- Chip and Dale (Chipmunks)
- Focused (Cooper's Hawk)
- Double Billing (Ducks)
- Horn of Plenty (Bighorn Sheep)
- Owl Be Seeing You (Barn Owl)
- Hangover (Raccoon)
- Shawn Sheep (Dall Sheep)
- In the Drink (Moose)
- Claire the Loon (Common Loon)
- Buffalo Bill (Bison)
- Mountaineer (Mountain Goat)
- Bugle Boy (Elk)