Let's Make a Bandstand Clock DVD
by Colin Spall

Published by KTMP, UK

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 144

It comes as a surprise to have Colin Spall introduce himself with the comment that he has not previously demonstrated. It's unexpected, surely, that someone who is about to embark on teaching a potentially world-wide audience should admit to having no previous experience in presenting a woodturning video.

Despite that, as a glance at the back of the DVD pack reveals, Colin is going to be with us for two and a half hours!

But all is well. We can only assume that the producer realised what we learn during that time - Colin is a 'natural'. He talks quietly but confidently and hardly misses a beat throughout this relatively long video.

Even so, there is a rather unusual feature of the presentation and this may arise because of Colin Spall's inexperience. There is occasional intrusion of the producer, once in the form of his hand offering the demonstrator a brush, but mostly, simply by way of conversation over the camera.

Oddly enough, this has a peculiarly relaxing effect upon the whole presentation and it is improved because of it.

Colin Spall tells us that he has been turning for many years but has only concentrated upon the craft for the past five years. Clearly, he takes his turning very seriously. The Bandstand Clock, which is the subject of this video is a fairly complicated piece and he goes about the task of making it with care borne of obvious practice. Virtually every cut made in the entire project is shown, yet the video never seems drawn out or boring.

This is a 'one project DVD' and it will therefore suit only those who wish to make this specific kind of clock. It is, however, such an interesting piece, made up of many components, all of them turned, that it is sure to interest a wide range of turners of varying ability and experience.

Duration: 150min

DVD - English