Which Way Do I Turn? DVD
A Course in Spindle Turning -
Repetition Turning

Volume 7
by Reg Sherwin

Published by KTMP, UK

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Extract from back cover of dvd:

Repetition Turning

About the Author - Reg Sherwin became a self taught woodturner in 1966, starting out with a lathe attachment for a power drill. By 1968 Reg had gone through the usual hobby turner stages of power drill lathe, home made 'lathe' and 'real' lathe, which was in fact a Coronet Minor combination machine. In 1969 Reg was working in the aircraft components industry when redundancy struck and so, armed with the 'real' lathe, Reg set out as a self employed woodturner to conquer the world. The next few years saw Reg surviving a number of adventures in the repetition turning trade and also a two year excursion into employing nine operators.

Reg's first woodturning article was published by GMC Publications in 1981, and he wrote regularly for GMC from that date. His 'Diary of a Woodturner' became 'Reg Sherwin's Column', and the last one, number 113, appeared in November 1998. His book, 'Pleasure and Profit from Woodturning' was published in 1987. He now writes regular articles, reports and reviews and has also designed woodturning equipment. He has demonstrated and taught up and down the U.K. and also internationally and works from a specially designed teaching workshop at Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings in the Midlands. Reg is on the Register of Professional Turners, is a founder member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain, and was awarded Lifetime Membership of the association in 2005, 'For Services to Woodturning'. Having written something approaching 200 instructional articles on woodturning, this DVD set is his first venture into instruction through the moving image.

Duration: 48min

DVD - English