Bowl in Bowl
A Perfect Partnership - DVD

Number 3

with Sue Harker RPT

Published by KTMP, UK

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 155

This is an advanced project. Not only does it involve turning two bowls, one to fit into the other, but the decoration of the bowls involves texturing, colouring, piercing, multi-centre faceplate turning and resin-filled grooves.

After truing up the blank for the small bowl, Sue mounts it (well) off-centre. She then turns a pair of concentric grooves on the face of the blank. Resetting the faceplate enables her to cut another three pairs of rings, each offset 90 to the other.

The grooves are filled with resin and the small bowl blank is placed aside.

Turning to the large blank, Sue trues up the wood and turns the underside of the bowl. To address the problem of slight tearout on the surface, she finishes with fine shaving cuts with the gouge. The surface is then sanded and finished with sanding sealer.

Reversing the blank on the lathe, the upper surface of the bowl is trued and sanded to 400 grit. It is then lightly textured with the Sorby spiralling tool and coloured. A fine groove is cut in the rim to 'frame' the coloured surface.

Returning to the small bowl, the resined face is trued and the outer rim coated with sanding sealer. The wood is reversed so Sue can shape the underside of the bowl. Since this bowl will sit inside the larger one with only the rim projecting above the surface, it is formed with a shallow curve and a (very) thin rim. The bowl is reversed and the inner concave shape formed. While not as thin as the rim, the wall of the bowl is nonetheless quite thin and a high degree of care is required.

Sue then cuts a pierced pattern into the thin rim with a motor tool (Dremel, Foredom or the like). The small bowl is now finished.

The large bowl is mounted with a small offset so that a recess can be turned for the small bowl. When the turning is completed to the stage that the small bowl fits neatly into the larger bowl, attention is then giving to finishing both bowls.

When everything is dry, the small bowl is glued into the larger one.

Sue uses a lot of tricks and jigs in her work to make things easier, faster and more accurate. Throughout the video she describes what she's doing and why.

Her presentation is a bit more serious in tone than some other demonstrators but it's still pleasant to listen to, due in part to her slight accent.

As stated in the beginning this is an advanced project involving many skills. It would be a challenge to complete, though there is the option of simplifying the design by omitting one or more of the decorative steps.

Duration: 180min

DVD - English