wood vessel sculpture
by Peter Hromek

200 x 200mm

Published by Peter Hromek, Germany

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 157

A demonstrator at the 2010 Australian Woodturning Symposium in Brisbane, Czech-born Peter Hromek is well known for his multi-axis turnings .

Following his visit to Australia there has been considerable interest in his work and limited stocks of his book, wood vessel sculpture, are now available.

The publication is mainly a gallery of Peter's work covering bowls, vases, boxes, spindle vessels and scultpures. However towards the centre of the book there is a 12-page step-by-step instruction on how to make a four-axis turning in the Hromek fashion. As Peter has stated, he didn't invent multi-axis turning but he has explored its possibilities.

Peter's method requires a heavy lathe, variable speed control and a high level of turning skill. He also uses an Australian-made Arbortech Industrial Carver for part of the shaping process.

His pieces are not small. Many are 300-400mm high or long. A typical multi-axis turning may only weigh a kilogram when finished, but the initial blank can be as heavy as 25kg.

Peter now calls Germany home and the book has been produced as a dual language publication - English and German - with the two sets of text laid out side-by-side on the pages.

His work is not for the faint-hearted but if you are an experienced woodturner looking for a genuine challenge, then there is much inspiration to be found in wood vessel sculpture.

Peter's work was reviewed in Precision and Style, The Work of Peter Hromek in the December 2009 #148 issue of The Australian Woodworker.

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