From a Tree to a Bowl DVD
Turning Green Wood
by Guy Ravine RPT

Published by KTMP, UK

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 175

In this video professional UK woodturner, Guy Ravine cuts blanks from unseasoned logs and turns them into bowls. The wood is green so this approach to making bowls requires consideration of the shrinkage in the wood that occurs after turning.

Three types of bowls are covered in this presentation - an end grain bowl, a square edged bowl and a face grain bowl. All three have thin walls and the first two have some natural edge (bark). Each project has its challenges, the face grain in particular tending to shrink to an oval shape 'with a ship's prow'.

After cutting a Labernum log to length on a bandsaw, the resulting blank is mounted on the lathe between centres, with the centres bearing on the end grain. Guy applies superglue to assist the bark to stay attached.

The blank is turned to the outside shape of the bowl and a spigot is formed on the base. After an application of sanding sealer, the blank is reversed on the lathe, with the spigot secured in a scroll chuck.

Guy uses a spindle gouge in a scraping presentation, in preference to a bowl gouge, for hollowing out most of the deep bowl. The final shaping, however, is done with a short handled bowl gouge and scrapers in addition to the spindle gouge.

The bowl is then reversed on the lathe and the finish applied to the outside of the bowl, before he parts off the spigot.

Plum is used for the square edged bowl. With this piece the bowl shape is much shallower. The bigger challenge is the flat square rim with natural edge on two sides.

The face grain bowl is made from Holly. This is a relatively simple piece to turn.

While the wood in each case is unseasoned, Guy does not elaborate on the topic of seasoned vs. unseasoned blanks. The strength of the video lies in its handling of turning three different bowl shapes, rather than as a treatise on green turning.

Duration: 175min

DVD - English