Midas - DVD
Antipodean Adventures in Woodturning

with Terry Scott

Published by KTMP, UK

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Extract from back cover of DVD:

As a born and bred New Zealander I have been exposed, from birth, to the unrestricted beauty that mother nature provides all around us: An explosive visual symphony that all 'Kiwis' freely enjoy. Our ever changing landscape, coupled with the diverse range of timbers available, serve to continually inspire. Such an environment fosters my innate passion and life-long commitment to all things wood. Through the years my work has evolved. My creations may now be viewed in terms of wood art. I am honoured to have many such pieces residing in notable collections around the world.

I have travelled the woodturning circuit for the last decade and rubbed chisels with many of the world's best turners. Learning new techniques which I have gone on to further develop and incorporate into my art. These techniques include carving, texturing, colouring, and the study of good form. I delight in stretching the boundaries of accepted convention, as is evident through my winged vessel collection.

It pleases me that my never ending journey of learning new techniques leads me on a path of creativity that is now inspiring others. Pushing the boundaries with a sharp chisel and the knowledge that I am in control of the tool, means I can experiment with new ideas. Every piece I make opens the door for further development and new works. Many of my pieces grow and evolve from the last piece I created.I would like tomake two of the same, but my creative juices don't leave me much time as I perfect a piece and then move on to the next exciting stage in my journey. Woodturning is a passion for me, one that I enjoy passing on to others through teaching or healthy banter.

Midas was a vision I had when making Manta Ray (In my previous DVD). I look forward to sharing my knowledge, enthusiasm, and creativity with you in the hope that I can inspire you to grow and further develop your own woodturning passion.

Examples of my work can be seen on my website: www.timberly.co.nz

This film is a welcome addition to any woodturning library, it is set out in chapters so any particular method can be referred to easily and quickly.

Duration: 225min

DVD - English