Woodturning Patterns
80+ Designs for the Workshop, Garden and Every Room in the House
by David Heim

215 x 280mm

Published by Spring House Press, Nashville, TN, USA.


ISBN 978-1-940611-69-3

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Extract from back cover of book:

Save Time and Get Turning With These Classic Patterns

This one-of-a-kind book is an essential resource for woodturners of all skill levels. With more than 80 patterns for a wide range of classic woodturning projects - from bottle stoppers, tops, and pepper mills to bowls, holiday ornaments, and candlesticks - Woodturning Patterns will get you started and produce great results every time you turn on the lathe.

Each pattern includes precise measurements as well as a finished drawing to show you how your completed piece will look. Also included are basic woodturning lessons and helpful tips on woods and finishes to use, advice on how to turn a piece successfully, and a bit of background on some legendary woodturners and artisans whose work inspired several of the featured patterns.

Drawings: Black & White

Units of Measurement: Imperial


Introduction - How to Use This Book

Chapter 1 - Kitchenware
Streamlined Pepper Mill
Classic Pepper Mill
Modern Pepper Mill
Traditional Pepper Mill
Geometric Pepper Mill
Maitre D's Pepper Mill
Salt & Pepper Cellars
Bottle Stoppers, Part One
Bottle Stoppers, Part Two
Bottle Stoppers, Part Three
All-Purpose Scoop
Coffee Scoop
Honey Dipper
Custom Chopsticks
Gadget Handles, Part One
Gadget Handles, Part Two
Gadget Handles, Part Three
French Rolling Pin
Large Basting Brush
Two Beer-Tap Handles

Chapter 2 - Playthings & Ornaments
A Quartet of Spin Tops
Baseball Bat
Croquet Mallet
Baby Rattle
Sea Urchin Tree Ornament
Multicolored Tree Ornaments

Chapter 3 - Knobs & Finials
Shaker Knobs & Shaker Peg
Semicircular Pull
A Trio of Traditional Knobs
Box Finial I
Box Finial II
A Pair of Furniture Finials

Chapter 4 - Shop & Garden
Three-Sided Tool Handle
Screwdriver Handle
One-Piece Mallet
Chisel Handle, Two Styles
Scratch Awl Handle
Garden Dibble

Chapter 5 - Lamps & Candlesticks
Osolnik-Style Candlestick
Neoclassical Candlestick
Robert Jarvie Delta Candlestick
Robert Jarvie Lambda Candlestick
Table Lamp Base in the Art Deco Style
Traditional Candlestick
Midcentury Modern Table Lamp Base
Ginger Jar Table Lamp Base

Chapter 6 - Bowls, Vases & Platters
A Basic Bowl
Bowl with Rolled Rim
Revere-Style Bowl
Calabash-Style Bowl
Urushi-Style Bowl
A Basic Box with Lid
Weed Pot
Small Vase
Basic Platter
Flat Platter
Platter Inspired by Richard Raffan
Salad Set Inspired by Bob Stocksdale

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