Issue Number 101

February 2002

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Stick Furniture

Baby Change Table

Upholstering Your Chair Seat

Turning with Video Heads

Frilled Dragon Cameo

Federation Timber Gate

Boxes with Run-around Grain


Table of Contents


Merv Deith
by Margaret Streamer
A collector of old tools, he loves keeping the hand tool tradition alive.

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Basic problems of materials and jointing (Part 5), deals with special jigs and equipment for making sound joints easier.

Roger Gifkins, Fine Box Maker
by Les Miller
Roger's box making skills are transferred to his world class dovetail jig, with winning results.

Stick Furniture Joint Work
by Bob Whitworth
Bob describes the process he uses for making stick furniture, using simple tools and techniques to produce a range of useful joints.

Perth Timber and Working with Wood Show
Big prizes to be won if you enter the Triton Wooden Toy Competition and the National Woodwork Competition this year.

Walkabout USA
by George Hatfield
George shares his experiences and provides Internet links for further exploration of the North American woodturning scene.

Trevor Arnold, Tool Master
by Juliet Bond
Trevor's cutting edge designs propel his unique tool developments.

User Report
Kel McNaughton Hollowing Rig

by Andrew Potocnik
This tool takes the physical stress out of deep bowl hollowing.

George's Corner
by George Hatfield
Swash turning conundrum revealed.



Time for a Change
by Denis Burnham
This baby change table makes a useful addition to any nursery, and corrects the faults common to some commercial versions.

A Soft Seat So Easy
by Neil Scobie
Upholstering your own chair seat is not difficult at all using Neil's straight forward techniques.

Turning with Video Heads
by Les Swift
Les shows how versatile discarded video heads can be in the woodturner's workshop.

Frilled Dragon Cameo
by Maricha Oxley
Carved largely with micro chisels, this frilly little creature makes a great decoration for box tops.

Federation Timber Gate
by Neil Wilson
This traditional gate would be a classy addition to any Federation style home, and a welcoming entrance to the garden this summer.

Making a Rocking Chair
by Neil Scobie
Part two in Neil's Rocker series.

Boxes with Run-around Grain
by John Mills
Discover a technique for making the grain flow uninterupted all round the outsides of your boxes.


Other Features

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Measuring coves, squaring a drill press table and safe coving

Club Drumbeat
Wagga Wagga Turn About, The Blue Mountains Woodturning Challenge, and the Toowoomba & District Woodcrafters Inc Golden Gouge Competition.

Book Reviews
The Children's Room
by Traditional Woodworking
Making Contemporary Wooden Tables
by Thomas Stender
Veneering: a Foundation Course
by Mike Burton
Making Classic Country Chairs
by David Bryant
In The Box
by Alan and Gill Bridgewater
The Essential Guide to Woodowrk
by Chris Simpson