Issue Number 133

June 2007

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A CD Cabinet

Pyrography Possum

Kitchen Spice Holder

Bookworm Book-ends - 2

Turned Opal Inlay

Japanese Garden - Pt.2
The Teahouse

Letter Openers

Build an Antique Gramophone - 2



Table of Contents


Sanding Secrets - Abrasive Selection
Abrasive sheets, belts, discs and rolls aren't just grit-covered material, but important woodworking tools. Getting the best out of your abrasive products can make or break the finish on your next project.

Artistry of Wood
The Goulburn Region Woodworkers Exhibition at the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, Goulburn NSW.

Trend's Trendy New Showroom
With the opening of its new product showroom, Trend has set up a one-stop-shop for timber, tools and consumables.

Henry de Jong's The Kiss

Dozens of Ducks at the Wagga Wagga Turnabout
by Ernie Newman
Among the highlights at this year's Turnabout were 160 angry wooden ducks.

Club Drumbeat
The Scrollers of the Goulburn Region Woodworkers Inc (NSW) - the Blackall Range Woodcrafters (QLD) and their Premmie Baby Crib.

Barwon Valley Competition
The 2006 Competition was the sixth held by the Barwon Valley Club to promote woodworking among school students.

Georges Corner
by George Hatfield (Assoc. Editor)
My Axe-cident - a cautionary tale about small wounds and big infections.

Teknatool Nova 1624-44 Lathe

by Dave Revitt
Teknatool's latest release is a versatile well-priced machine for the hobbyist and professional.

Woodworking Q&A
by Paul Gregson (Assoc. Editor)
Metal Inlay, Flaw in Carving Timber and dealing with Cupped Decking

Sydney Show Guide
All the details for this year's Sydney Timber & Working with Wood Show, 15-17 June, at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park.


by Allen Bantry
This big bandsaw will make a big difference to your workshop but don't overlook the testing and setting up procedures.


A CD Cabinet
by Allen Barratt
Music lovers will appreciate this attractive cabinet which stores 180 standard CDs, plus there's room for oversize cases at the bottom.

Left-turning Wood
by Aaron Ehrlich
Associated with the woodturning community in the Ore Mountains region in Europe, left turning is a technique used for fine spindle work.

Pyrography Possum
by Carolyn McCully
This is a large and very attractive pyrography piece that Carolyn claims has only basic strokes - just lots of them!

Kitchen Spice Holder
by Don Phillips
Clean up your kitchen benchtop with this updated solution for a common problem.

Bookworm Book-ends - 2
by George Hatfield (Assoc. Editor)
George finishes the novelty pair of book-ends by turning a series of beads for the body and adding a head, hat and tail.

Turned Opal Inlay
by Les Swift
Les uses stones and superglue for this inlay technique.

Stretching Your Lathe
by John J Krook
A simple trick to get a few more millimetres out of your lathe.

Japanese Garden - Pt.2 The Teahouse
by John Swinkels and Henk Pelzer
This teahouse was built to complement the bridge in issue #131 and form a shady spot in this tranquil garden setting.

Letter Openers
by Peter Fogelman
Wooden gifts are a pleasure to make and give, as well as to receive. Letter openers are an ideal choice as they are easy to make, require little material and make good use of your offcuts.

Build an Antique Gramophone - 2
by Robert Allison
Most of the hard work was done last issue. Now Robert details how to turn the reproducer, make the horn support and put the whole thing together.

Other Features

New Products

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Free ties, miniature bevel gauge and emergency router table

Book Reviews
Selecting and Drying Wood
A New Best of Fine Woodworking
Cutting-Edge Bandsaw Tips & Tricks
by Kenneth Burton
The Complete Guide to Making Wooden Clocks
by John A Nelson
Woodshop Storage Solutions
by Ralph Laughton
Furniture you can Build
by Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk

DVD Reviews
Small Rocking Horse DVD
Med/Large Rocking Horse DVD
by Michael Mason, SA
Box Making with the Ozzie Multi Jig