Issue Number 142

December 2008

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Making a Kitchen Island Bench

The Mermaid

An all-wood Lazy Susan

A Use for 9 Dowel Screws

Money Saver Cutting Boards

A Child's Latchboard

Ear Trumpet


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Club Drumbeat
The Gold Coast Woodturners celebrate 25 years!

The Mulwarree Class of '08
The Class of '08 at Mulwaree in Goulburn (NSW) has maintained the high standard set by previous years at this rural High School

USER Report: Work Sharp 3000
by Allen Barrett
Tempered glass wheels carry the abrasive on the innovative Work Sharp 3000 which offers three modes of sharpening and will sharpen practically all of the edge tools used in woodworking.

What do you do after Making 15,000 Boxes?
Bruce Haggie still makes boxes but not so many now that he has turned to furniture making and opened a woodworking supplies store on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

USER Report: Veritas Side Rabbett Plane
by Andre Bastion
Now you can clean and true the side walls of a trench or groove with just a few passes of this tiny plane.

USER Report: Sheppach Deco Flex Scrollsaw
by The Woodturners of the Hunter
A graph shows the results when 8 members of The Woodturners of the Hunter put this Scrollsaw through a predetermined series of tests.

PLYWOOD - Then & Now
by Robert Lavender
Plywood is a lot older than you may think. The Ancient Eyptians made it over 3000 years ago.

USER Report: The JoolTool
by Arnold Barkley
The wide variety of 3M Pressure Sensitive Abrasives that fit the Ninja Disk of the JoolTool allow it to re-shape, sharpen and hone tools as well as polish metals and stone.

Caloundra Open Day
by Alan Logan
Alan found evidence of a wide range of skills when he visited the Annual Open Day of the Caloundra Woodworkers Club on the Sunshine Coast (QLD).

Sandra May (Woronora, NSW) won several prizes for woodturning at this yearís Australian Woodturning Exhibition. Rob Kutcher (Kadina, SA) used mainly recycled and salvaged material to make his wardrobe.

Canberra Timber & Working with Wood Show
This year's Canberra Show was vibrant and healthy.

Canberra Guild
The presence of the Woodcraft Guild ACT was an important factor in the success of the Canberra Timber and Working with Wood Show. These photos from the Guild Exhibition illustrate both the high standard and extraordinarily wide range of pieces made by Guild members.


Making a Kitchen Island Bench
by Neil Scobie
When Neil applied his skills and experience to the humble kitchen bench, the result was a solid piece of funiture that is sure to serve several generations.

Ron Girdler's
Latest Triumph Despite outstanding competition, it's not surprising Ron Girdlerís Cream Separator won Grand Champion at the 2008 Torimba Festival in Ravenshoe, Far North Queensland.

The Mermaid
by Caroline McCully
Elusive, the Unicorn now has a companion. Engaging, the Mermaid, gave Caroline a chance to demonstrate use of the new Razertip Scale Tips on an actual project.

An all-wood Lazy Susan
by WA Lane
The maker of the Chinese Lantern that appeared on the cover of Issue #131 first found an interesting pattern for the top of this Lazy Susan, then designed and made the roller mechanism for it from wood.

A Use for 9 Dowel Screws
by David Wood
David shows how he used hints from the remains of an Victorian Whatnot to make a new one.

Money Saver Cutting Boards
by Don Phillips
Those cut-outs left when your new kitchen was installed can be a valuable source of material for a set of unique cutting boards - or you could buy the laminated stock and start from scratch.

A Child's Latchboard
by Vicky Fraser
Alex loved this innovative toy - and all the while it was teaching her hand-eye coordination and a lot more besides.

Ear Trumpet
by Aaron Ehrlich
Aaron used modern woodturning techniques to reproduce an antique Ear Trumpet.

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Book Reviews
TOPS: Making the Universal Toy
by Michael Cullen
Scroll Saw Basketweave Projects
by John Nelson and William Guimond
Practical Design Solutions and Strategies
from Fine Woodworking
Sculpted Band Saw Boxes
by Lois Keener Ventura
500 Chairs: Celebrating Traditional & Innovative Designs

DVD Reviews
All Glued Up! A Study in Open Segment Turning
with Sue Harker
Dovetail a Drawer
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