Issue Number 163

June 2012

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Un-identical Twins - 2

Beginner Project - Desktop Calculator

Brown Stag Beetle

Working with the Gifkins Jig - 2 - Chest

Wooden Pot Plant Containers


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Graeme Palmer - Tackling Almost Anything
by Gloria Banting
Trained as a carpenter & joiner and later as a builder, Graeme Palmer also delights in woodworking as a pastime - from turning and carving award-winning pieces to fabricating wooden components such as steering wheels, wheel hubs and even a full body for an old ute.

Club Drumbeat
The Hastings Woodworkers Guild Inc (NSW) have a unique location with their clubrooms located inside Wauchope's Timbertown. Innisfail Woodworkers Guild (QLD) look forward to their Weekend Festival of Woodworking.

Intarsia Master
by George Hatfield Assoc. Editor
George details the latest work of Intarsia by John Ratley of Newcastle. With a total of 31 animals, his Jaguar Jungle contains too many pieces to count.

T&WW Show Brisbane
The 2012 season of the Timber & Working with Wood Shows kicks off in Brisbane over the weekend of 18-20 May. The theme of this year's Shows is Come (to the Show), Try (out the tools and equipment) and Learn (about all aspects of woodworking). The new format promises to be more interactive for visitors.

Turning Escape 2012 Blue Mountains
The 'weekend of woodturning' style of event comes to the Sydney region.

Felder Machines enhance Avondale School's Trade Training Centre
The use of trade quality equipment and a production style machine layout has enabled Avondale to double their student intake without increasing their workshop space.

Woodcut Negative Rake Scraper

by Brendan Stemp
While negative rake scrapers have been in use for woodturning for some time, the Woodcut version is believed to be the first commercially made tool specifically designed for this purpose.

Festool Domino XL

by Alex Brennan
Designed for bigger jointing tasks, from large boxes and chairs, to tables and outdoor furniture, the new Domino XL will plunge cut up to 70mm and handle Dominoes 8-14mm thick.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.10A - The Detail Gouge
by John Ewart
Often referred to as a spindle gouge, the detail gouge is much more versatile than the name implies. In this first instalment, John discusses the different types of detail gouges available.

Sharpening Edge Tools
The 19th in our Beginners' Series, this issue we look at one of the most important subjects that a novice must learn - how to sharpen tools. A sharp tool is essential for good results, but there are a myriad of ways to sharpen tools and each one has its devotees. We provide an explanation of the sharpening process and an overview of the equipment and methods available.


Un-identical Twins - 2
by Alann Brown
In this issue Alann completes the seats and decorative rails and assembles the two stools.

Beginner Project - Desktop Calculator
by Ken Wraight
Introducing the use of the vernier calipers in this series, Ken demonstrates the turning of a figured wooden surround for a calculator insert. The same techniques can be applied to other items such as bottle openers and ceramic tiles to provide them with a wooden surround and base.

Brown Stag Beetle
by Carolyn McCully
Carolyn aims for the appearance of an Olde-Worlde entomological illustration with this design for a brown stag beetle, including text.

Working with the Gifkins Jig - 2 - Chest
by Don Phillips
Exploring the upper limits of the basic Gifkins A10 starter jig set, Don designs and makes a 600mm wide chest including, of course, dovetailed joints for the body and lid.

Wooden Pot Plant Containers
by W Lane
A quick fix to hide an ugly plastic pot led to the development of this design to provide an attractive wooden container for standard pots. Bill builds them in a stackable nest of three to suit different pot sizes and make them easier to store when not in use.

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Book Reviews
Building Small Cabinets
by Doug Stowe

Crafting Wooden Lamps
by Ken Burton
Box Builder’s Handbook
by AJ Hamler
Segmented Turning — A Practical Guide
by Dennis Keeling