Issue Number 168

April 2013

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George III Mantle Clock

Making a Skateboard

Turning a Bun Foot from Dressed Timber

Carving a Heart Necklace

Portrait of a Draught Horse

Bespoke Turning Stool

Lattice Laundry Basket

The Swallow Pot-Pourri Pot

Ye Olde Treasure Chest - 2

Confectionery or Nut Bowl


Table of Contents


Hans Weissflog - One of a Kind
by Terry Martin
An occasional visitor to Turnfest in Queensland, Hans Weissflog is one of a growing number of international turners whose unique work is becoming well-known to the hobbyist as well as the professional. His signature work is 'pierced' boxes produced on the lathe and more recently, bowls displaying moiré patterns.

Club Drumbeat
The activities of The Traditional Tools Group (TTTG) based in Sydney and the establishment of the Hunters Hill - Ryde Men’s Shed, also in Sydney.

More Woodturning Anecdotes
by John Ewart
John tells a few stories about identities such as Tiny Hayes, Mike Reid, Ballina's Bag Man and musical woodturners.

USER REPORT SM20 Dremel Saw-Max
by Anatole Beauchene
Using a carbide cut-off wheel rather than a traditional toothed blade, the SM20 is an unusual portable woodworking tool but as Anatole discovers, it has a number of features that make it a worthwhile consideration for your toolbox.

Making Finger-Joints on a Tablesaw
The 24th in our Beginner's Series, we look at a simple jig for making finger-joints on the tablesaw. Finger joints are commonly used for boxmaking and small cabinetry items and offer an alternative to dovetail joints.


George III Mantle Clock
by Phil Spencer
Starting with an English plan for a George III Period Bracket Clock, Phil details how he sourced the materials and overcame the obstacles to producing his first mantle clock.

Making a Skateboard
by Glenn and Nic Roberts
Father and son, Glenn and Nic, collaborate on a skateboard project which involves the use of veneers, epoxy adhesive and vacuum forming. Glenn gets to keep the vacuum pump and press arrangement for future woodworking projects while Nic has a longboard skateboard to his own design.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.13A - Turning a Bun Foot from Dressed Timber
by John Ewart
Bun feet are a useful item to be able to turn and they can be turned in two ways, depending on the preparation of the blank. In this first part, John looks at the method used to turn a bun foot from a thicknessed blank that has both faces dressed.

Carving a Heart Necklace
by Maricha Oxley
This is a simple but elegant carving that requires little wood and only a few carving tools. With no experience and some patience, you can make a cherished keepsake for someone special.

Portrait of a Draught Horse
by Carolyn McCully
With the eye, harness and dark blinker, this image is an exercise in burning different shades of 'black' to provide the desired contrast and texture.

Bespoke Turning Stool
by Aaron Ehrlich
Bad back or weak legs making it difficult to enjoy your woodturning? Aaron investigates what is required to make a satisfactory stool so that you can sit while you turn at the lathe.

Lattice Laundry Basket
by Don Philips
Throw out your ugly plastic laundry basket and replace it with this attractive wooden unit. The lattice is machined from a single panel, creating a mesh that won’t warp or fall apart.

The Swallow Pot-Pourri Pot
by Erich Aldinger
To make these pots, the timber blank is first turned and then carved to its final shape. The result is an unusual and attractive design where each pot is unique, being hand shaped in the final machine carving phase.

Ye Olde Treasure Chest - 2
by Alan Bendon
This themed jewellery box can be used for a variety of purposes and makes a great gift. In this article Alan adds the slats and other features that give the box its character.

Beginner Project #7 - Confectionery or Nut Bowl
by Ken Wraight
After a number of non-bowl projects to teach a variety of techniques, Ken has relented and produced this design for a small confectionery or nut bowl. Ken notes that a bowl should be attractive and functional rather than being the biggest shape one can turn from the blank provided.

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by Don Ward
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History of Lovespoons
by David Western
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by Don Jovag

DVD Review
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