Issue Number 181

June 2015


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Magical Vanishing Ball

Market Wares - 9.
Simple Clothes Hoist

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.11 -
A Lunette

Working with the Gifkins Jig - Pt.7 The HexiBox

Notes on Woodturning Pt.22 -
Turning a Baluster

Sewing Tape Dispenser Case

Big Cabinet - Small Workshop (2)

Paling Fencepost Candlestick

Awakening of a Dream

Too Many Chips by the Sea


Table of Contents


Chairs that Move - The Work of Tim Coffey
Inspired by the comments of a physiotherapist, Tim has spent almost 20 years experimenting with pole chairs that 'move', causing people to move rather than sit rigid in their seats. Heís also worked on designs for sitstands, sidels and chair designs for users of smart phones, tablets and the like.

Club Drumbeat
Cooroora Woodworkers Club Inc (QLD) and the Mill Place Log Maze, and Liam OíNeillís Visit to the Northern Turners (SA).

Cardinia Grand Art Exhibition 2015
by Keith Towe
For the second year running, woodworkers have been invited to display their woodworking as Woodart in what is otherwise a conventional Public Art Exhibition.

Fun4Kids Festival Warrnambool
This winter holiday event for children 2-12 years of age has 15 'zones', one of which is the popular Construct It zone where, under supervision, children grab a hammer and nails and make something from wood.

by Lindsay G Collins
Lindsay relates the use of turnscrews in the 1940s. Now called screwdrivers, they earned their name because screws are meant to be turned, not driven.

Cow Clogs
Camden Cow Clogs makes cow clogs for the dairy industry. They are made from Flooded Gum in two sizes, the smaller to suit cows such as Jerseys and the larger to suit Holsteins and the like. Cow clogs play an important part in curing lame cows.


Magical Vanishing Ball
by Aaron Ehrlich
Continuing his theme of combining woodturning with conjuring, Aaron makes his version of the old trick of a vanishing table tennis ball held in a wooden goblet.

Market Wares - 9. Simple Clothes Hoist
by Harry Ellis
Using a design based on his memories from the Old Dart, Harry has built several hanging clothes hoists, which have proven to be quite popular.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.11 - A Lunette
by Mike Davies
Mike carves a half-flower repeating pattern in the form of a Lunette, a common feature on furniture and architecture since the 16th century.

Working with the Gifkins Jig - Pt.7 The HexiBox
by Don Phillips
This attractive and unusual box can be built in four different ways - with or without dovetailed ends, and with a drop-in lid or hinged lid.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.22 - Turning a Baluster
by John Ewart
While most modern balusters are turned in a factory, woodworkers may be asked to turn replacement items or do custom work for a new set of stairs. John discusses the design requirements as well as the turning techniques required in turning your own baluster.

Sewing Tape Dispenser Case
by John Swinkels
While dispenser cases for sewing tapes were common in the past, they are rarely seen today. To complement a wooden sewing box he had made for his wife, John turned his version of a dispenser case from Rosewood.

Big Cabinet - Small Workshop (2)
by Alain Barrett
Having built the frame for the 1595mm long 900 CD storage cabinet in the last issue, Alain finishes the project with the drawer support frames, drawer fronts and final assembly.

Paling Fencepost Candlestick
by Heinz Haselroither
Heinz turns a stunning Red Gum candlestick, using traditional between-centre and faceplate turning and an exceptional piece of painted fencepost!

Awakening of a Dream
by Benjamin Reddan
To embellish his Ikebana cabinet (Ikebana is a Japanese art form involving the arrangement and presentation of flowers), Benjamin used router-based inlay. In this article he describes the design considerations and woodworking techniques involved in the process.

Too Many Chips by the Sea
by Carolyn McCully
For this pyrography piece, Carolyn used the colour and grain of the wood to depict the sun and the sand, while concentrating on burning the figure of the seagull, attracted by the chips.

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by Graham Blackburn
The Creative Woodturner
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