Issue Number 182

August 2015


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The Baghdad Battery

Market Wares - 10. Glasses Holder

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.12 - Corbels

Elizabethan II Dresser

Notes on Woodturning Pt.23 - Turning a Ball on a Post

Bob's Unusual Pens 1.Liquidamber Seed Pod Pens

Large Striped Platter

An American Banjo Clock with a Wooden Movement

Copper Scales


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Vale Barbara Burrows 1934-2015

1/4 Scale MG TC Sports Convertible in Wood
Wayne Nicholls’ model of the English-made MG TC is not only an interesting exercise in wood craftsmanship but also a testimony to his exhaustive research and his resourcefulness in making the model so complete, even to the badges, dashboard dials and signature MG spoked wheels.

Club Drumbeat
Canberra Model Shipwrights Society Inc (ACT) - while not officially a woodworking Club, most of the members’ models are made from wood - and the Lockyer Woodcrafters Group Inc (QLD).

InTech 2015
Held at this year's Sydney Timber & Working with Wood Show, InTech 2015 displayed some of the best projects from the 2014 Industrial Technology course for high school students, including 38 from the Timber and Furniture Technologies option.

USER REPORT - Retrofitted Spiral Cutter in Makita Planer
by Alan Browning
The current revolution in planers and thicknessers - the spiral cutterhead - is now being downsized and designed to suit portable electric planers.

USER REPORT - Bosch PBD 40 Bench Top Drill Press
by Scott Yeo
This new product from Bosch is quite different from the traditional belt-driven drill press and offers advantages in a number of woodworking operations. It is well suited to compact and makeshift workshops where room for a traditional drill press is not available.

The Importance of Being Sharp
In the 34th instalment of our Beginner's Series, we look at the significance of the sharpening stone and why those who regularly use hand tools will acquire a collection of these stones.


The Baghdad Battery
by Aaron Ehrlich
The Baghdad Battery was once considered to be a primitive form of battery. These days it is no longer considered to be an electrical apparatus of any kind, but with some of his 'magic', Aaron has been able to make his turned wooden battery 'work'.

Market Wares - 10. Glasses Holder
by Harry Ellis
Tired of losing your glasses when you forget where you put them? This simple design keeps them raised above the bench top, where they are easy to spot.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.12 - Corbels
by Mike Davies
Drawing on skills from past projects in the series such as the acanthus leaves and flowers in AWW #176, Mike carves a 150mm high corbel.

Elizabethan II Dresser
by Phil Spencer
Initially seeking to build an 18th century reproduction dresser to suit his George III Mantle Clock (AWW #168), Phil finished up with a three-drawer 'period' dresser incorporating a number of different aesthetic features.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.23 - Turning a Ball on a Post
by John Ewart
While turning a ball on a post may appear to be a simple matter of getting the ball perfectly round, John explains that there are several points to be considered if you don't want your efforts to look quite ugly.

Bob's Unusual Pens 1.Liquidamber Seed Pod Pens
by Robert (Bob) Gibbs
Always on the lookout for something new, Bob delights in making his own pen blanks from materials that are inexpensive or free.

Large Striped Platter
by John Swinkels
Segmented turning often involves the creation of complex blanks, but John and his fellow Club members have had good success laminating simple lengths of offcuts to form the blanks for platters.

An American Banjo Clock with a Wooden Movement
by David Bailey
With a specifically-designed wooden-geared movement, bespoke hardware, hand-painted reverse glass panels and only photographs of original Banjo Clocks to work from, David’s clock has been a very interesting and challenging project.

Copper Scales
by Carolyn McCully
In addition to developing the skills to burn scales, talons, bat-like wings and treescapes, this project involves the application of copper leaf foil. The techniques used can be incorporated into other forms of woodworking for decorative effects.

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by Stephen Carey

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