Issue Number 184

December 2015


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The Impossible Trivet

Market Wares - 13.
Mobile Phone Stands

Box-Making - Working with Angles

Notes on Woodturning Pt.25 -
Turning a Perfect Sphere

Bob's Unusual Pens - 2.
Peach Pits Pens

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.13 - Celtic Patterns

Breakfast Plates

Sir Henry Parkes and His Turned Candle Sticks

Desert Donkey Notebook Cover


Table of Contents


Furniture from Felled Tree at Government House Victoria
Two teams from Holmesglen TAFE Institute, Melbourne, submitted entries to the Minister's Student Award, using material from a large Hoop Pine tree that had previously been felled at Government House Victoria.

Collaboration One
For their first collection of this type, renowned Australian hand tool makers, Colen Clenton and Terry Gordon, have brought together their full range of marking tools and planes, and housed them in a cabinet made by Phoebe Everill.

Club Drumbeat
Formed in 1984, the Ballarat Woodworkers Guild Inc is one of the older woodworking Clubs in the country and caters for all forms of woodworking. The Marquetry Society of Victoria Inc is even older, having started in 1977. Dedicated to the ancient art of applying thin layers of wood to an article to create a design or picture, the Society has members throughout Victoria.

Learning about Routers - 2
In this issue we discuss the correct way to feed the router bit into the wood and use these techniques to rout a simple picture frame.

USER REPORT - Festool Vecturo OS 400 Oscillating Tool
by Stuart Duffy
Festool's take on the multi-tool concept, the Vecturo is a heavy duty tool similar to the Fein SuperCut, but with accessories that currently make it unique in its abilities and versatility.

Turnfest Explained
by David Drescher, South East Queensland Woodworking Supplies Started in 2003, Turnfest is the longest running turning symposium of its type in Australia. David explains what it's all about, how much it costs and why every turner should consider the benefits of attending at least once.


The Impossible Trivet
by Richard Collins
A simple tweak makes it possible to assemble an 'impossible' four piece trivet. Richard then goes on to apply the same principle to other configurations and examines its limits when working with new designs and different proportions.

Market Wares - 13. Mobile Phone Stands
by Alexander Black
Even smartphones can benefit from wooden accessories. Alex presents a number of designs for practical smartphone stands and paperweights.

Box-Making - Working with Angles
by Don Phillips
As Don makes a container which can be used as a wine holder or biscuit jar, he explains a set of techniques that work equally well with octagonal and hexagonal shapes, providing the box-maker with something different from the standard rectangular box.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.25 - Turning a Perfect Sphere
by John Ewart
Whether you are making a freestanding wooden ball for a game or as part of a larger project, the techniques involved are quite different to those used for turning an attached ball (AWW #182 August 2015).

Bob's Unusual Pens - 2. Peach Pits Pens
by Robert (Bob) Gibbs
A variant on his first pen made from Liquidamber seed pods embedded in epoxy, for these exotic-looking pens Bob uses the dried stones or pits from ordinary peaches.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.13 - Celtic Patterns
by Mike Davies
Celtic patterns have been a perennial favourite among carvers. With this project, a traditional Celtic symbol representing 'family', Mike introduces the basics of the under and over effect of Celtic carving and the treatment of hard to access areas within the design.

Breakfast Plates
by John Swinkels
Wooden plates are a simple turning exercise with a practical use. John shows how he made his breakfast plates from a Jacaranda log and provides a few tips on looking after the finished plates.

Sir Henry Parkes and His Turned Candle Sticks
by Mike Darlow
A well-known figure in Australia's political history, NSW Premier and ardent supporter of Federation, Sir Henry Parkes was a bone and ivory turner by trade. For this article Mike turns replicas of candlesticks currently held by the State Library of New South Wales and accredited to Sir Henry Parkes when he was an apprentice in Birmingham.

Desert Donkey Notebook Cover
by Carolyn McCully
Burning an image onto thin plywood is not without its challenges, but by gluing the ply onto the cover of a notebook, Carolyn makes a unique item as a keepsake or gift.

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