Issue Number 187

June 2016


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Monogrammed Sofa Table

Duplicating Woodturnings
Using Shadows

Saltwater Crocodile

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.15
Carving in 3-Dimensions - A Swag

Market Wares ó16. Dog Bowl Holder

Notes on Woodturning Pt.28
Turning a Couch Leg

Cutting Finger or Box Joints on a Bandsaw

Learning about Routers - 5
Making a Simple Box

500mm High Two Hour Hourglass


Table of Contents


Neil Scobie Workshop in SA
by Tim Smeaton
The Northern Turners Inc's annual workshop last November was particularly memorable with Neil Scobie presenting a wealth of turning and carving knowledge to the audience.

WA Woodturner - Neil Turner
Though a farmer for most of his working life, Neil always had a sideline interest in woodturning. He has sold his work to galleries in Australia and the USA and now turns full-time.

Club Drumbeat
Colac Woodcrafters Guild Inc (VIC) and The Burdekin Woodcraft Association Inc (QLD).

Bosch GSB Professional 18V Impact VE-2-LI Drill/Driver

by Tony Nash
Robust and powerful, the Bosch GSB is designed for the hardworking woodworker or tradie.

Bosch PSR 10.8V LI-2 Drill/Driver

by Tony Nash
This compact lightweight 10.8V drill/driver is powerful enough for a wide range of drilling and driving tasks.

Which Drill Do I Buy?
by Steven Burrows, Editor
Steven explains why there are so many drill/drivers on the market and how, with a little knowledge, you make the best selection.

Vision Australia's ASSIST Industrial Skills Training
Vocational woodworking courses for the blind and vision impaired are held in a specialised workshop.

The Australian Woodturning Exhibition 2015
Last yearís AWE once again attracted a large number and variety of entries for the 16 categories.


Monogrammed Sofa Table
by Allen Barrett
This functional table has two drawers, two secret compartments, magazine shelf and an inlaid monogram. A similar table would suit a hallway, small apartment or reading nook.

Duplicating Woodturnings Using Shadows
by Aaron Ehrlich
Aaron employs the shadow method to turn two identical wooden candlestick holders.

Saltwater Crocodile
by Carolyn McCully
To capture the menace and power in this image, itís all in the details. Carolyn describes how to burn your way through the lumps and bumps and add the required textures and touches of colour.

Woodcarving by Numbers Pt.15
Carving in 3-Dimensions - A Swag

by Mike Davies
A swag is a draped carving of leaves, flowers, fruit and other items, often found decorating period buildings or furniture. Mike details the steps involved in making one.

Market Wares - 16. Dog Bowl Holder
by Denis Burnham
The pet industry in Australia is huge and you can tap into this at your local market with this dog bowl holder. Itís simple to make and will make good use of the cut-offs stored in your workshop.

Notes on Woodturning Pt.28. Turning a Couch Leg
by John Ewart
John turns a typical short couch leg using two different techniques. One is the traditional method while the other is a modified approach that is easier, slower and avoids the use of the skew chisel.

Cutting Finger or Box Joints on a Bandsaw
by John Swinkels
John has developed his own method for cutting accurate finger joints on a bandsaw. By using a bandsaw John is able to join long components, whereas table saw and router table methods for making the same joints are better suited to short lengths. To demonstrate the snug fit of the joints he made a one-legged U-frame table.

Learning about Routers - 5 Making a Simple Box
This beginner project covers the basics of making a box and the role of the router in most boxmaking.

500mm High Two Hour Hourglass
by Heinz Haselroither
Having made hourglasses for over 20 years, Heinz enjoyed the challenge of his biggest timer yet.

Carving with High Speed Rotary Tools -3: Carving a Leaf
by Bill McLeary
Bill exploits the full power of the rotary carver to present this delicate wooden leaf as a beginner woodcarving project.

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Book Reviews
Intarsia Birds
by Kathy Wise
Deep Relief Woodcarving
by Kevin Walker
Turning Segmented Wooden Bangles
by Don Jovag
SketchUp A Design Guide for Woodworkers
by Joe Zih