Issue Number 28

November/December 1989


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Upright Tool Chest

Toy Bi-Plane


Table of Contents


Christmas Gifts for your favourite woodie
by Dave Burrows

A Home for your tools
by Bruce Dudman
Making an upright tool chest

Converting and Seasoning Timber
by Derek Williams

Teaching on Course Sturt School of Wood

A Toy Bi-Plane for Christmas
by Roger Jenkins

In Praise of Shellac
by Carl Sriber

How to redesign and repair that favourite swivel-chair

Tools & Technology
Festo HL 850 E Planer

Circular Saw Cutting Guide
by Richard Watson

Help Keep Coopering Alive
by John Deakin

Woodies Abroad Richard Raffan in England

Steady, Steady.. the birth of a new product
by Bronte Edwards
A woodlathe steady rest

Demo Days
Trend Timber and the Tasmanian Woodturning Centre

Long Hole Boring
by John K Looker
Boring on lathes without hollow spindles

Using Adeze
by Jack Williams
Using Adeze WT Seasoning Grade

Build your own Weather Station
by RM Guthrie

Book Reviews
Biscuit Joiner Handbook
by Hugh Foster
Seat Weaving in Rush, Cane & Cord
by Ricky Holdstock
The Triton Project Book