Issue Number 35

January/February 1991


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Folding Chair

Old Spinning Wheel


Table of Contents

The Design of Woodturning Gouges
by Bernard Axford

A Beginner's Lesson in Basic Relief Carving
by Graham Bull

A Whittler's Kit
by J Swinkels

A Useful & Handsome Folding Chair
by M Burgess
Woodworking project

The 1990 Timber and Working with Wood Show, Melbourne

Sue Wraight's netsuke

Which Finish is Better?

The Old Spinning Wheel in the Parlour (Part I)
by Roy Guthrie
Woodturning project

1991 Source Book

User Report
Carba-Tec Dowelling Jig

Book Reviews
Woodworking Basics and Workshop Practice Series
How to Make Your Own Kitchen Storage and Wardrobe Units
by Stanley Herbert
Router Basics
by Patrick Spielman

A Woodie's Guide to Wood (Pt 4)
Queensland Maple
Rock Maple
American White Oak