Issue Number 40

November/December 1991


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Table of Contents

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
Making a steady rest

Layers of Mystery
by Andrew McLaren
Japanese tools

The Mind Woggles
by Terry Martin
Making 5,000 Scout woggles

Using the Right Bit Drill bits

An Outboard Tool Rest and Murphy's Law

Where to next in Woodturning (Pt II)
by Bob Rutherford

Building a Vertical Drum Sander
by Max Warner

Tools of the Trade
by Paul Gregson
The Spokeshave

Boats, Boats, Boats

Wooden Boat Revival
by Dr Bruce McConkey

Boatbuilding in a Sailing Ship
Port Phillip Wooden Boats

Wooden Boats
Duck Flat Wooden Boats

Choosing the Design and Materials for your Boat
by Arnie Duckworth

Building Wooden Boats
by Ian Smith
Sydney Wooden Boat School

Books on Boats

Hands-On Exhibition

Chucking More Ideas on Knobs and Screws
by D Probyn

Design and Make Your Own Bedroom Suite (Pt II)
by Wim Beyk

Round and Round with a Wobble
Rupes BR 5 Sander

Book Reviews
Fifty Wooden Boats
by Wooden Boat Magazine
Wood and Canvas Kayak Building
by George Putz
How to Build the Catspaw Dinghy
by Wooden Boat Magazine
Marquetry & Inlay
by Alan and Gill Bridgewater
More Building Classic Small Craft
by J Gardner

A Woodie's Guide to Wood (Pt 9)
Japanese Beech
NSW Rose Mahogany
White Cypress Pine