Issue Number 41

January/February 1992


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Homemade 400mm Bandsaw

Making a Walking Stick

Bedroom Suite Part III


Table of Contents

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
Turning a baluster with the use of a steadyrest

Choose a Glue

Safe Working with Adhesives
by R I Mellen

A Homemade 400mm Bandsaw
by Jim Barr

Sometimes Against the Grain
by D J Birrell

When the Job is Finished
Woodworking finishes

Paint Preparation on Timber Furniture
by P Gregson

Miniature Maker uses Normal Tools
The work of Les Paul

Making a Walking Stick
by R M Guthrie

ACT Exhibition

User Report
Magna-Set Knife Setting Jig

Design and Make Your Own Bedroom Suite (Pt III)
by Wim Beyk

Timber & Working with Wood Show, Melbourne

User Report
Nobex Mitre Saws

Book Reviews
Refinishing Old furniture
by George Wagoner
Making Woodwork Aids & Devices
by Robert Wearing
Collins Good Wood Handbook
by A Jackson & D Day

A Woodie's Guide to Wood ( Pt 10)
American Cherry

1992 Source Book