Issue Number 5

January/February 1986


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Build a European
Style Workbench

Kitchen Wall Cupboard


Table of Contents

Looking inside the Designer's mind
Some thoughts about becoming a better designer

Build a European Style Workbench (Pt I)
by D Connor
Woodworking Project

Cupboard makes light work
by Wim Beyk
Woodworking Project (kitchen wall cupboard)

There's one born every minute
by R. Gall
Woodworking project (laminated handle for teapot)

Introduction to Marquetry

The Marquetry Picture
by Lionel Pavey
Woodworking project

For your Protection - Noise in the Workshop

Club List

New Concepts in Bowl Turning
by Mike Darlow
Part 2 of series

User Report
Dowelling with a Tasmanian Devil

Australia's Craft Wood Specialists

Wooden Entertainer
Woodworking project -- pyramid puzzle

Profile of a Supplier
Woodwork Tool Supplies

Timber Page
Red Ironbark
Karen Ellis My Own Cedar Tree
O Melmeth

Book Review
How to Carve Wood
by R Butz