Issue Number 50

July/August 1993


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Wooden Filing Cabinets

Making a Colonial Stool

Walking Stick

Picnic Table


Table of Contents

The Bi-Centenary of Machine Wood Cutting
by M Burnham

Products That Will Last Another 50 Issues

Low Toxicity Chemicals for Woodworkers

Sydney Timber & Working with Wood Show

The first Australian Woodworker

Wooden Filing Cabinets
Woodworking project

World Turning Conference
by George Hatfield

Making a Colonial Stool

Carving a Bird in the Hand
by Brian Eves
Walking stick -- woodworking project

The History, Present and Future of Hand Woodturning Education in Australia
by George Hatfield

A Simple But Effective Picnic table
by W Cyril Brown
Woodworking project

Flying Plywood
Plywood in airplane construction

Book Review
Building Fine Furniture
by G Wiliam Scherer
Shapes for Woodturners
by David Weldon
Australian Planemakers
by Trevor D Semmens
Appleton's Woodworking Guide
by Jim Appleton

Product liability, sustainable forestry

A Woodie's Guide to Wood (Pt 19)
Peroba Rosa
New Zealand Silver Beech

My Tulip Vase
by Roy Guthrie
Woodturning project