Issue Number 52

November/December 1993


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Squatter's Chair

Miniature Fire Screen

A Child's Cradle

Art Deco Mirror

Brian Eves' Whales


Table of Contents

Making a Set of Router Gauges
by Arthur J Grant

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
Sharpening Equipment -- Part 2

Look for the Subtle Difference
Selecting Hand Tools

Are you ready to make a Stringed Instrument?

Epoxy Bonding Made Easy
ATL Composites

Building a Squatter's Chair
by A J Eyres
Woodworking project

A Miniature Fire Screen
by Jim Fainges
Woodworking project

A Woodie's Guide to Wood (Pt 21)
Goncalo Alves

by Phillipe Brooks
Different methods for forming mouldings

A Child's Cradle
by M Burgess
Woodworking Project

Art Deco Mirror Frame, Pt 1
by Paul Curson
Woodworking, gilding project

The Plank
by Dave Smith
Converting a plank into a table

Book Review
Wood Carving, 23 Traditional Decorative Projects
by Alan & Gill Bridgewater
Selling What You Make
by James E Seitz
Shaping Wood, A New Woodworking Approach
by Douglas Hackett
Teddy Bear Treasures, Making Movable Wooden Toys
by Alan & Gill Bridgewater

1994 Lathe Survey

A Whale of a Project
by Brian Eves
Woodcarving project