Issue Number 63

September/October 1995

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Gateleg Utility Table

Biscuit Jointing with a Router

Timber and Plastics

Brian Eves' Swimming Cod

Swinging Cradle


Table of Contents

What's in a Name
by Terry Martin

Making a sleeveless Drum Sander
by C Wheat

Across the Teachers Bench
by Les Miller

Skewing a Bead
by George Hatfield

Good Ideas and Shortcuts
Portable clamp, buffing and dowel making

Criticism is the Key
by Les Dean

by Les Miller
New Feature

Bench Mounted Machines

Three Days in Utah
by Ernie Newmann

How I made a Grandfather Clock
by Harry Spearman

Making a Gateleg Utility Table
by AJ Eyers
Woodworking project

Woodcarving from Asiliano to Innisfail

Biscuit Jointing with a Router
by John K Looker

Combining Timber and Plastics in Woodturning
by Tony Williams
Woodturning project

News from the Australian Woodcraft Federation

Woodworking at the Sydney Agricultural Show

In search of an Australian Style

Furniture Makers Diary
by Philippe Brooks
Sharpening tips

Swimming Cod
by Brian Eves
Woodcarving project

Club Drumbeat

Swing Cradle
by Lindsay Collins
Woodworking project

Automatic Ornamenting