Issue Number 65

January/February 1996


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Egge Cup or Egg

Making a Chess Table


Ethel the Aardvark

Homemade Marking Gauge


Table of Contents

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Halving Joints

Router Accessories

Woodturning Tips
by George Hatfield
Augers for Longhole Boring


Which came first - the Egg Cup or the Egg
by George Pearce
Woodturning project

A Woodcraft Gallery at the Ettamogah Pub

Turning point -- Exhibition

Making a Chess Table
by M Burgess
Woodworking project

Making a Boomerang
by Jeff Lewry
Woodworking project

Handle is Right for Lefts and Rights
by Glenn Roberts

Ethel the Aardvark
by Graham Bull
Woodcarving project

Burls are Beaut
by Maurice Passmore

The Secrets of Endplay

More about Rip Fences

Homemade Jig Grinds Flat Bevel
by BG Newbert

Profile: Christa Welk in the Round
by Les Miller

Furniture Maker's Diary
by Philippe Brooks
Some special tools, marking gauge and knife

Book Reviews
Carving Birds and Beasts
by Compiled from Woodcarving Magazine
Award Winning Boxes
by Tony Lydgate
Ornamental Turning
by TD Walshaw
A Polisher's Handbook
by Neil J. Ellis

Good Ideas and Shortcuts
Homemade bowl gouge, re-using velcro pads

Ebonising for Woodturners (and Cabinetmakers)
by Terry Martin