Issue Number 70

December 1996


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Giant Road Train Part I

Neil Scobie's Cheval Mirror

Making a Carved Table

Turned Wood with Crystal Insert

Carve a Flower Box


Table of Contents

Across the Teachers Bench
by Les Miller
Router tables and their uses

Giant Road Train
by Jack Hudson
Part 1 of a toy project

Circular Saw Shooting Board
by Nigel McCarter

A Flourish of Entries
Bega Woodcraft Show

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Buns on saw bench feet, almost free faceplates

But Which Lathe?
by Charles T Orr

Making a Cheval Mirror
by Neil Scobie
Woodworking project

Profile -- Working In the woods of Tasmania, Marcus Tatten

2D - 3D Intarsia

Making a Carved Table
by Raffael Pagliarini

Annual Lathe Survey

Tuning Table Saw
by Glenn Roberts

Turned Wood with Crystal Insert
by George Hatfield
Woodturning Project

More than One Lathe

Book Reviews
Rocking Horse Instructional video
by Michael Mason
Making Marvelous Wood Toys
by Tim & Tom Lynn
Wood Working Course
by Richard Crosland

Flower Box Carvings
by Brian Eves