Issue Number 72

April 1997

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Bit Storage Cabinet

Turned Penholder

Making a Chair Built for Strength

Scroll Saw Project

Standard Lamp

Woodturners Steady Rest

Carving the Heron Table


Table of Contents

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Finishing --- Sanding

Heading in the Right Direction
by Geoff Reddington

Finding the Right Combination
Combination machines

Bit Storage Cabinet
by High Foster

A Scratch Built Ornamental Lathe
by W. Cyril Brown

A Clearer Picture of Dust Control

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
New fence for saw, another pen jig

An Unusual Penholder
by George Hatfield

Designing for Strength
by Charles T-Orr

Australian Woodworker Merit Award
Fein Triangle Sander

Profile Putting the Land Back into Timber
by Peter Carrigy

Perth Timber & Working With Wood Show Guide

DIY Sanding Pads
by Neil Bradbury
Lathe Mounted sanding pads

A Timely Scroll Saw Project
by Tom Manley
Scroll saw clock project

Jumping Those Pen Making Hurdles
by Jim McCarter

A Standard Lamp for Woodworkers without a lathe
by Graham Redden

National Competitions
by Fred Blake
Comments on the Melbourne Show

A Steadyrest for Awkward Jobs
by Harry Arnall

Ironbark.... Good for more than Bridges
by Maurice Passmore

Book Reviews
Woodshop Dust Control
by Sandor Nagyszalanczy

The Cabinetmakers Diary
by Philippe Brooks
Hardware Sense & Savings

Carving the Heron Table
by Brian Eves
Carving Project