Issue Number 75

October 1997

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Neil Scobie's Coffee Table

Making Pens

Piano Stool

Oval Turning

Turning Boards into Bowls


Table of Contents

Across the Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Les begins a new series on the many methods of joining timber

Making a Curved Leg Coffee Table
by Neil Scobie
Professional designer/maker, Neil Scobie, describes the construction of one of his favourite pieces

Electromagnetic Compatibility Legislation affects woodworking industry
by Neil MacDonald
A government crackdown on electronic pollution could force some products off the market

Festival For Woodies
240km from Adelaide Woodies' shows aren't confined to the cities or even the larger towns

Another way to cut trenches
by Glen D Stevens

More about Making Pens
by Richard Rice
More insights into penmaking by this WA author who has made more than 3000 of them!

Profile: Robert Prenzel - a Remarkable Craftsman
by W Cyril Brown
The story of a young German immigrant and his contribution to our woodworking and cultural identity at the turn of the Century

Woodturning inspired by Irish History
Ancient vessels from the land of his forefathers inspire Nowra woodturner, John Hanrahan

Melbourne Timber and Working With Wood Show Guide

User Report
O'Donnell Grinding Jig

Vic Wood gives his impressions of this new grinding aid

Hold it right there!
by Charles T Orr
With a little ingenuity and a few bits of heavy timber, you too can have a solid surface on which to work

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Boring guide for lathe

Staying In tune with the Original Design
by Graeham Kennedy
This adaption of David Haskett's piano stool makes a great keyboard stand

Oval Bowls
by Jim McConnachie
Making, mounting and using an `oval turning' chuck may need some lateral thinking, but the results make the effort worthwhile

Dovetail Jigs need not be Tricky
by WG Feige
What happens when you get the Jig home and it doesn't work the way it should?

User Report
Performax 16-32 Drum Sander

This machine could make drum sanders a realistic option in smaller workshops

Project 1200
by Pat Crowe
Manufacturers who keep sufficient spare parts make their older models well worth finding

Turning Boards into Bowls
by Bruce Leadbeatter

Deep Hollowing Tools
A lot of development time and effort has been devoted to these highly specialised tools for making hollow forms

Club Drumbeat
The story of the Bribie and District Woodcrafters

Making a Model 1910 Renault Motor Bus
by Eric Lysaght
You can make this model a great test of your all-round woodworking skills

In Memoriam - a Processional Cross

Book Reviews
Classic American Furniture
by James Clapper
Woodturner's Wooden Clock Cases
by Tim and Peter Ashby
Mouldings and Turned Woodwork of the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries
by Small and Woodbridge