Issue Number 76

December 1997


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Neil Scobie's Coffee Table

Ornamental Turning

Reproducing the Brickenden Table

Mastering the Hexagon

Homemade Dust Collector



Table of Contents

Across The Teacher's Bench
by Les Miller
Joining Timber (Part 2) Screws

Finishing the Curved Leg Table -- Part 2
by Neil Scobie
Neil details the clamping of rails to legs, and the construction of the table top

Good Ideas & Short Cuts
Filing your router bits, easy dust blower, scratchless scrapers and Durden dustpan

First Steps in Ornamental Turning
by W Cyril Brown
The author's shares his tips on making a basic kit of gear for Ornamental Turning

American Association of Woodturners 11th Annual Symposium
by George Hatfield
George found the pricing as interesting as the turning at this year's A.W.W. Symposium

User Report
BrandNew Branding Irons

by Keith Radshaw
Branding Irons are an easy way for woodies to make their mark

Balancing Act
by Jeff Lewry
The combination of his Duplicator and an Arbortech cutter allows Jeff to form flat surfaces on blanks that are a long way out of balance

Ettamoggah by Design

Clinker built from Kalantis
Trend Timbers donated the timber to this worthy Rotary project

Profile: Vic Wood
Turner, Teacher, Lecturer & Demonstrator Few woodturners in the world could lay claim to Vic Wood's broad experience in every facet of woodturning

Bega Exhibition
This year's Bega Awards attracted one of the nation's finest displays of woodworking.

Working with Australian Hardwoods -- 1
by Peter van Herk
The first article in a new, occasional series on the use of Australian hardwoods particularly for furniture making.

1997 Lathe Survey
It all starts with Choosing the Right Lathe

Lathe Survey Table

The Scoop on Speed Controllers
The versatility and added safety of a Variable Speed drive can transform your lathe

Turning with Less
by Jack Hudson
By using techniques drawn from coopering, it's possible to reduce the waste from turning _ and create unusual and often highly attractive, `segmented' forms

Traditional Elegance
by Terry Dixon
Terry's careful reconstruction of a table made over 160 years ago let's you add a piece of rare Australian furniture to your home

Club Drumbeat
Cessnock Woodturners Inc.

Mastering the Hexagon
by Alex Springall
Once you've mastered the making of this hexagon box, you can tackle one of the author's unique pierced carvings to decorate the top.

These two woodworkers found highly individual solutions to the common problems of dust control
Hoovers Never Die
by Stuart Hulme
The Kingswood Lives On!
by Kevin Hollioake

Book Reviews
Building Arts & Crafts Furniture
by Paul Kemner and Peggy Zdila
Making Little Boxes From Wood
by John Bennett
Woodworking Projects for the Home Workshop
by Rosario Capotosto

User Report
The Gifkins Dovetail Jig

by Neil Scobie